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TEST no. 1: 562 km without an oil in the engine (the purpose was to present action of ceramizer® regarding protection and renovation of engines).

A) Compression pressure measurement and exhaust emission analysis made before and after making of 2124 km since application of ceramizer®:

Vehicle: Honda Civic: Registration Number: WF 85817, Year: 1992, Mileage: 181 350 km, Engine Number: D15B26834351, Type: D15B7 (1.5i 16V), Capacity: 1493cm3, Power:75 kW (101 Horse Power at 5900 rev/min and 124 Nm at 5000 rev/min), LPG installation.

Measurements were made at CHMS Jacek Chojnacki, ul. Pruszkowska 32, 05-830 Nadarzyn in Poland, with use of SPCS15 device for compression pressure measurement, and analyser type TecnoTest model 481 for exhaust emission analysis.

Oil additive test - Honda Civic without oil

Compression pressure measurement:

  • Before application of ceramizer® compression pressure measurement was performed on 18.10.2007 at mileage of 181 350 km.
  • After making 2124 km since application of ceramizer® (2 dosages into the engine and 1 dosage into a gearbox) compression pressure measurement was made at mileage of 183 474 km on 06.11.2007.

Engine compression test Ceramizer, ceramic engine oil additive

Obtained results:

Engine compression pressure testEngine compression print results

Ceramizer® application /mileage [km]

I cylinder


II cylinder


III cylinder


IV cylinder


0 km / mileage 181 341





2124 km / mileage 183 474





% increase

13 %

53 %

136 %

50 %

Engine compression restore, engine compression increase

The biggest compression pressure increase (up to 136%) was obtained on 3rd cylinder, namely from 5,5 bar to 13 bar.

Before ceramizer® application compression pressure on 3 cylinders was below 10 bar what attested to significant wear and tear of the engine. Ceramizer® application resulted in an increase of a nominal compression pressure on all cylinders and at the same renovation of the engine followed.

Exhaust emission analysis performed before and after making 2124 km since ceramizer® application confirmed decrease of toxic substances emission namely carbon monoxide (CO) by 17%, hydrocarbon (HC) by 20% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 3,6%.

Exhaust emission analysis test, Tecno tester Exhaust emission analysis test, Tecno tester


  Before (mileage of 181 341 km) After making 2124 km (mileage 183 474 km)
Idle gear revolutions 1080 RMP 920 RMP
CO 1,73 1,43 (decrease by 17 %)
CO2 19,9 19,2 (decrease by 3,6 %)
HC 200 160 (decrease by 20 %)
O2 0 0

Test confirmed an idle gear revolutions decrease from 1080 rev/min to 920 rev/min and at the same time smooth operation of the engine.


Test showed that electrodes got lighter colour what attested to decreased oil consumption.

Spark plugs

After measurement with odometer reading at 183 474 km an oil was collected and the engine was started (without the oil) on idle gear to prevent any defects before test driving without the oil.

Total time of the engine operation on idle gear without the oil was 30 minutes - 3 x 10 minutes, at intervals of 15 minutes.

Then the oil was collected and 1 dosage of ceramizer® was applied into the engine.
The vehicle made another 1108 km with the oil in the engine. In total the car made 3240 km with ceramizer® (what was enough for formation of a ceramic coat), and next the car was tested without the oil.


B) Test during driving without an oil:

On 14.11.2007 at 184 582 km mileage (3240 km made since ceramizer® application) driving test without an oil was performed on road at an average air temperature of +1oC.

The engine was heated up till a working temperature and the oil was collected.

The engine was started and around 10 o’clock the vehicle set off from Nadarzyn (nearby Warsaw) to Katowice (Spodek- Concert Hall) and back to Nadarzyn.

A route made without the oil: E67: Nadarzyn-Mszczonów-Rawa Mazowiecka- Piotrków Trybunalski- E75: Kamieńsk-Częstochowa-Koziegłowy-Siewierz- droga 86 Będzin- Katowice (Spodek) - Będzin- E75: Siewierz Koziegłowy-Częstochowa-Kamieńsk-Piotrków Trybunalski- E67: Rawa Mazowiecka-Mszczonów-Nadarzyn.

The test was monitored and observed by journalists of the following newspapers: Motor, Super Express and TV canals: TVN Turbo and an editorial team of Motokibic TV - a programme broadcasted by TVP3 Katowice.

An engine dismantling confirmed a normal wear of crankshaft bearing pillows (for an engine of over 180 000 km mileage), wear was within limits in spite of 562 km made without the oil.

Test results:

  1. The vehicle made 562 km without an oil in the engine in the urban driving (5%) and extra urban (95%).
  2. The engine temperature during the test was within standards.
  3. The car went with an average speed of 90km/h, at times it reached a speed of 120 km/h.
  4. The engine was powered by petrol and LPG alternately (what provided for extreme conditions of the engine operation).
  5. In spite of some hours of operation without an oil (in total around 7 hours), the engine was still in good working order and did not cause any problems during driving the car.
  6. The engine that was in good working order was dismantled and purposed for an estimate regarding bearing pillows wear as a result of friction.
  7. Crankshaft bearing pillows wear was within limits despite extreme conditions for the engine operation.

Test results regarding the engine that made 562 km confirmed an effective action of ceramizer® with reference to protection of engines against wear and tear and confirmed its unique properties. We would like to undermine that the main objective of the test was to examine ceramizer® impact on protection of friction surface (by no mans the objective was to demonstrate that it is possible to operate an engine without an oil or that the oil is inessential). We collected the oil to provide extreme conditions for the engine operation.
On account of extreme conditions of test we strongly advise against performing similar tests on other vehicles.

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Articles on the performed test (Polish language):

TEST no. 2: Presenting engine regeneration with the use of ceramizers® and influence of the product on power and torque of the engine measured on a rolling road.

Vehicle: Honda Civic 1.6 16v of 1991
Engine mileage: 234 thousands 683 km /145 thousand 738 miles
Registration number: WI 92009

Ceramizer® products applied to the engine and gearbox.
Oil changed about 1500 km /930 miles prior to application of ceramizer® at odometer reading of 233050 km /144724 miles.
First measurement taken prior to application of ceramizer® - at odometer reading of 234683 km / 145738 miles.
Second measurement taken after application of ceramizer® and driving for about 1400 km /870 miles - at odometer reading of 236083 km /146607 miles.


1. Maximum increase by 3 kG/cm2 i.e. by 26.3 % of end compression pressure was obtained on the 3rd cylinder.
2.Increase to nominal values and equalization of end compression pressure obtained in all cylinders, in other words the engine returned to practically out-of-factory condition.
3. Increase of maximum torque Nmax by 3 Nm (affecting dynamics of the vehicle).
4. Increase of maximum power Pmax by 2 HP (affecting dynamics of the vehicle).

Diagrams of torque N and power P curves in function of engine rpm.

compression pressures
Measurement of end compression pressures at open throttle (left - prior to application of ceramizer® / right - after application of ceramizer® and driving for about 1400 km /870 miles):

Data transferred to table:

Cylinder no.:






Prior to application of ceramizer®





After 1400 km /870 miles from application of ceramizer®





Percentage increase


14,6 %

9,4 %

26,3 %

25,2 %

TEST no. 3: Presenting engine regeneration with the use of ceramizers® and influence of the product on vehicle dynamic.

Tests were carried out at the Przemyslowy Instytut Motoryzacji PIMOT (Motor Industry Institute) in Warsaw, and the tested car was a Daewoo Nexia.

Vehicle: Daewoo Nexia
Engine mileage: 179 thousand 407 km /111 thousand 411 miles



During the first visit to the PIMOT, end compression pressures were measured (reflecting the engine condition) and vehicle dynamics were measured (accelerating from 60 to 140 km/h /37 to 87 mph in 5th gear). Subsequently ceramizers® were applied to the engine and gearbox.



After driving about 2654 km / 1600 miles (from the moment of application of ceramizers®), measurements were taken again. Measurement of end compression pressures at open throttle showed increase and equalization to nominal values in all cylinders. Maximum increase was obtained of 1.8 bar, i.e. by 16.3% of end compression pressure in the 4th cylinder , in other words the engine practically returned to mint condition. This is precisely reflected in the following diagram and table.

engine repair - Ceramizers
Data transferred to table:

Date of measurement

Odometer reading

Mileage since application of ceramizer®

I cylinder [bar]

II cylinder [bar]

III cylinder [bar]

IV cylinder [bar]












2654 km

1600 miles







Percentage increase

8,2 %

7,4 %

11,2 %

16,3 %

Owing to application of ceramizers®, we also obtained 9.9% increase in vehicle dynamics in terms of acceleration from 60 to 140 km/h /37 to 87 mph in 5th gear.
Date of measurement Odometer reading Mileage since application of ceramizer® Distance

179407 km

111411 miles


1622 m

0,62 miles



113011 miles

2654 km

1600 miles

1460 m

0,91 miles

    Shortening of acceleration distance by:

162 m

0,1 mile